(Overland Park, KS, 6/12/16) -- The Crescent Peace Society (CPS), a Kansas City area interfaith organization, today expressed solidarity with the LGBT community in Orlando and condemned the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub.

“Kansas City area Muslims join with those around the country in shock and disgust at the senseless attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando,” said CPS President Ahsan Latif. “We are deeply saddened by the evil committed by this individual and reject any claims by the suspect or others that this action was justified by his religion.”
"Our concerns and prayers are with those affected by these terrible attacks," said Latif. "Our hearts grieve for the families of the victims."
Islamic organizations in Florida are calling for Muslims to respond to this attack by joining the community in donating blood to help save the lives of victims of the attack.
The LGBT community and the Muslim community have a shared status as minority populations in the United States and have collaborated and supported one another in their shared pursuit of justice against discrimination. Our cooperation on these issues stands diametrically opposed to the hatred and disregard for life demonstrated by the suspect of today’s shooting.
The Crescent Peace Society is a Kansas City area interfaith organization seeking to enhance the understanding of Muslim cultures through educational and cultural activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences among people of diverse cultures. Its mission is to build bridges among faith communities, encourage dialogue, and promote justice and mutual understanding.
MEDIA CONTACT: Ahsan Latif, President, 913-485-9218, latif.ahsan@gmail.com and Advisory Board Member Mahnaz Shabbir,816-213-2536 and mahnaz@shabbiradvisors.com
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