(Overland Park, KS, 6/28/16) -- The Crescent Peace Society (CPS), a Kansas City area interfaith organization, joined with Muslims around the world in condemning today’s senseless and horrific attack at the Istanbul airport.

“We are outraged by these attacks on innocent people travelling to visit Istanbul, one of the most beautiful cities in the world,” said Ahsan Latif, President of CPS. “We grieve today for the victims and their families and applaud the heroic work of law enforcement in preventing the damage from being even greater.”

“That this attack takes place during the holy month of Ramadan, especially during the last ten days of the month which Muslims revere as a time for reflection and self-evaluation, demonstrates how inconsistent such violence is to the practice of Islam,” said Latif.

Although the identities and motivations of the criminals who perpetrated today’s attack are still unknown, Turkey has been targeted frequently by the so-called Islamic State for its role as a front line member of the coalition currently fighting to eliminate the terrorist group. “In this and so many of these attacks, Muslims were the targets and the victims of ISIS,” said Latif. “Muslims worldwide are disgusted by these evil acts committed by criminals who claim to share our beliefs. In the strongest terms possible we reject their violent ideology.”

The so-called “Islamic State” is often referred to as Daesh. “Daesh is the Arabic name for ISIS or ISIL which rejects the organization’s self-proclaimed status as the ‘Islamic State.’ Daesh has proven to be a monstrous organization whose brutal acts have no foundation in any faith or ideology.
CPS has previously joined with U.S. and World Muslim leaders by endorsing an open letter to the leaders of Daesh, refuting the ideology of the terrorist group ISIS and urging its supporters to repent and "return to the religion of mercy." The letter can be found at http://lettertobaghdadi.com.

The Crescent Peace Society is a Kansas City area interfaith organization seeking to enhance the understanding of Muslim cultures through educational and cultural activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences among people of diverse cultures. Its mission is to build bridges among faith communities, encourage dialogue, and promote justice and mutual understanding.

MEDIA CONTACT: Ahsan Latif, President, 913-485-9218, latif.ahsan@gmail.com and Advisory Board Member Mahnaz Shabbir,816-213-2536 and mahnaz@shabbiradvisors.com

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