Press Release: April 13, 2014
The Crescent Peace Society Conveys Sympathy to the Family and Friends of the
Victims of Today`s Shooting at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom
Contact: Ahsan Latif, President(913) 485.9218 
The Crescent Peace Society extends their sympathies for the families and
friends who were killed and injured today at the Jewish Community Center and
Village Shalom. “Whosoever kills a human shall be as if he has
killed all mankind..." (Quran 5:32).
Tonight our hearts are saddened that this violent act was done in our
neighborhood. We are here to help and stand in solidarity against acts of hate
towards our fellow mankind. We pray for a peace and love for one another.

 About Crescent Peace Society
The Crescent Peace Society is a non-profit organization that serves as a
focal point of action in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area for raising awareness
of different Muslim cultures. It establishes and maintains liaisons with
educational institutions, religious groups, and local media.

 In order to better represent the peaceful nature of Muslim cultures existing
in the United States of America and around the world, the Society aims to
analyze, evaluate, and respond to any local media publications or programs that
misrepresent Muslim issues and cultures.

 The Board and the Executive Committee of Crescent Peace Society invite you to
join the Society's cause for propagating a better understanding and awareness of
different Muslim cultures and for peace and harmony all over the world.
Membership is open to all US residents or citizens of any religious affiliation
or culture.



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