(Overland Park, KS, 12/20/2016) -- The Crescent Peace Society (CPS), a Kansas City area interfaith organization, today expressed solidarity with the people of Europe against yesterday’s terror attacks in Anarka, Turkey, Berlin, Germany, and Zurich, Switzerland.  

“Kansas City area Muslims express solidarity with people across Europe and join them in their concern and prayers for the innocent victims of this senseless violence,” said CPS President Ahsan Latif.  “These horrific attacks targeting a Russian ambassador, a bustling Christmas market and the prayer area of a mosque are examples of shocking and cowardly violence perpetrated in an attempt to further divide us.”


The attack on the Russian Ambassador in Turkey was reportedly in response to Russian involvement in the heartbreaking destruction taking place in Aleppo, Syria.  Although we join with many around the world that sympathize with the people of Aleppo, this assassination of a diplomat at a peaceful event is abhorrent and does not advance the cause in Aleppo. “This attack can only harm the innocent people of Syria and Turkey and will not do anything to help the families and children suffering in Aleppo,” said Latif.  Our prayers and thoughts are with the Ambassador’s family. 


The attack on the Berlin market is a terrifying disruption of the Christmas season for Berliners who should be preparing for the upcoming holiday instead of mourning dead and wounded.  Although police are working diligently to uncover the suspect and motive involved, the attack echoes another deadly attack in Nice, France on a peaceful crowd.  “Any ideologically motivated attack on Christians celebrating their holy days is an attack on the freedoms of all people to practice their faith freely and openly,” said Latif.  “Muslims and Christians share a special kinship in Islam as people who have received sacred scriptures from God, or ‘People of the Book’.  We are united by our love of Jesus and of his mother, Mary.  There is so much more that unites us than divides us.” 


In Zurich a gunman entered a mosque and fired at a group in a prayer room.  Two individuals were injured in the attack, but are expected to recover.  “These are the types of attacks that the deviant criminals who perpetrate terrorist attacks aim to foment,” said Latif. “Attacking people of faith in their places of worship is damaging to all.” 

Although responsibility for the attacks in Anarka and Berlin have not yet been determined, the so-called “Islamic State” or Daesh has been active in spreading terrorism throughout Europe in an attempt to provoke a civilizational war.  Daesh is the Arabic name for ISIS or ISIL which rejects the organization’s self-proclaimed status as the ‘Islamic State.’ Daesh has proven to be a monstrous organization whose brutal acts have no foundation in any faith or ideology.

CPS has previously joined with U.S. and World Muslim leaders by endorsing an open letter to the leaders of Daesh, refuting the ideology of the terrorist group ISIS and urging its supporters to repent and "return to the religion of mercy." The letter can be found at http://lettertobaghdadi.com.

The Crescent Peace Society is a Kansas City area interfaith organization seeking to enhance the understanding of Muslim cultures through educational and cultural activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences among people of diverse cultures.  Its mission is to build bridges among faith communities, encourage dialogue, and promote justice and mutual understanding.

If there are groups interested in having a Muslim speaker meet with their congregation or organization regarding Muslims in America or Islam, they should email us at: crescentpeacesociety@gmail.com.

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